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Principal's Desk

Mrs. Smita Savant

With months of thought, years of experience and rich discussion together contributed in a firm Philosophical foundation of RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School, Warje on 15th June ‘11.

Our children are the men and women of tomorrow. India’s hope for the future and the country’s destiny. In today’s technological world and internet making in roads into their daily life we must imbibe traditional and cultural values in our children. To make them stable and trustworthy we as parents and teachers have a herculean task.

The values of honesty, integrity, respect for authority, justice and fair play are all that goes into making of an integrated strong personality. We hold the key that can open and close the minds of the young ones. It is our constant endeavour that will bring out the power talent in them.

Education at this juncture should enable them to personalize all that is thought .Thus enabling the child to enhance his stronger aptitude and develop the weaker ones. They have to be taught to strive for creative thinking and intelligent self expression so that they know to place values more on the spiritual rather than material things.

School itself is a community building centre with teachers and students sharing their idea and visions. It is in doing this that we will be able to mould individuals who are strong to face themselves when afraid, standup to the storms and be compassionate to those who fail. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words “ Patience Perseverance can overcome mountains”. We must ceaselessly as one nation strive to lead our county to the wholeness of prosperity and sincerity by building in future “ THE YOUTH “

Admissions : Qualifying Age

  • Under the RTE act we have 25% seats reserved for Mini KG.

Admission : Procedure

There would be a school visit for every child with parents seeking admission.

Admission - Documents required

  • Photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Passport size latest photograph

Admission - Fee Structure


Pre – Primary

Admission Fee
Tution fee ( Yearly Term fee)


Refundable Fee




Activities & Celebrations

colour week

  1. Colour Week was Celebrated by the students of Pre Primary section from 22/2/16 - 26/2/16. Each day children and teachers came in a particular colour like - yellow , red , green , blue , black/white. Children were supposed to get an object related to particular colour and say atleast few lines on the same .

  2. Enacting of Community Helpers by the Children of Sr.KG was done on 3/3/16 . Children came into the costumes and spoke few lines related to the topic Eg- Farmer, green grosser , milk man, florist , teacher, police man and many more .
  4. Dramatization of Community helpers done on 4/3/16 by the teachers of Pre Primary section . All the children were gathered together in a room for the same . Children enjoyed a lot .

Quiz competition

Quiz Competition was conducted for Sr.KG section on 12/2/2016 . For the final round four children from each class were selected by the teachers.For the Quiz G.K, English,Maths,Rapid fire, Riddles,Visual and Enacting of rhymes etc.rounds were there.


Makar sankranti celebration was done on 14/1/2016 . Students of the Pre Primary section came in to colourful dresses. Teachers told them the importance of the Makar sankranti . Children exchanged Tilgul which they brought from home


Picnic for the Pre Primary section was arranged on 16/1/2016 to Dinosaur Park . We started from the School at 9:15 am and reached their by 10:15 am . Children enjoyed slides ,swings , sea-saw and many more games ,then they had lunch which they had carried from home. We came back to school at 3: 00pm.

Sports Day

Sport's Day was conducted during the school hours for the students of all the three sections of Pre primary on 16/12/15 . Different events like March past , relay , pegging the pegs , getting ready for the school , and some more races were conducted during the Sport's day. Children were very happy and were busy in cheering up their friends.

Handwiting and Singing Competition

  1. Singing Competition was conducted on 1/12/2015 for the students of the Jr . KG children .
  2. Handwriting competition was conducted on 4/12/2015 for the students of Sr. KG children.

Diwali celebration

Diwali celebration done by the RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School's Pre Primary section on 5/11/2015 . Children came in party dresses . Different activities conducted by the class teachers such as lantern making , decorating diyas and making greeting cards and also colouring picture of Diwali .Children were enthusiastically engrossed in the activities.

StarchPlay and Sandwich Making

  1. Starch Play was conducted for Mini and Jr.K.G children on 29/10/2015 .
  2. Sandwich making Activity conducted for Sr.K.G children on 30/10/15.

Bhondla and Saraswati Poojan

Due to Navratri, bhondla and Saraswati  poojan  was done by  all the three sections  Mini, Jr and Sr . K.G children . Children came to school in  colourful dresses and celebrated bhondla

plants and flower show

The Plants and Flower show was put up by the Teachers of the Pre primary section on 9th October 2015

Ganesh festival

  1. Ganpati festival was celebrated in RMD SSDS.
  3. On occasion of Ganeshotsav, Shloka competition was conducted for Mini ,Jr and Sr.K.G children.

Fruit salad making activity and Camelin drawing competition



  1. Fruit salad activity was conducted by the teachers of Mini. K.G and Jr.K.G classes . children were asked to get fruits from their house and then teachers made salad by children's help.

  2. Camelin Drawing Competition was conducted for the Sr.K.G children on the topic ( Fun in School )

Drawing and Colouring competition

Colouring Competition for Mini KG and Jr.KG classes and Drawing and Colouring Competition for Sr.KG classes was conducted on 7/9/2015. For Sr.KG the topic was Freehand Drawing. Papers were provided by the Teachers andC olours were brought by the children . Children enjoyed it


Dahi Handi and Teachers Day Celebration.Dahi handi and Teachers day celebration was done by the Pre-Primary section on 4/9/2015. Children came in colourful dresses ,some of them dressed up as Radha and Krishna .They enjoyed Dahi handi and later got prasad of murmuras.Students of secondary section played the role of teachers and also did substitution duty on the occasion of Teachers day celebration.

Teachers Day


Rakshabandhan Celebration done by Pre Primary section on 28/8/2015 . Children came in colourful dresses , teachers tied Rakhi on each one's wrist. Children enjoyed the celebration..


Counselling Session for Mini KG ,Jr.KG and Sr.KG was conducted by Mrs.Kalyani Bhabad who is a counsellor of our School .She imparted instruction to the parents about how to deal with children in our day to day life .


Workshop on our value and its role was conducted by Mr. Anand and Mrs. Manjiri Yeolekar for the teachers and staff members of RMDSSDS . All the teachers of Pre Primary , Primary and Secondary were present for the workshop .

Nagpanchami Celebration

Nagpanchami Celebration was done by Mini .KG, Jr . KG and Sr .KG classes . Teachers told significance of Nagpanchami and also applied Mehendi on the palms of the Tiny tots . Children were wearing coloured dresses and enjoyed the celebration .

Colouring Activity

The activity of colouring was conducted by IIFL on 7/8/2015 for Jr.KG and Sr.KG classes. All the children were engrossed in the painting of Doremon and they enjoyed the activity.

Germination Activity

The activity of germination was conducted for Jr.KG and Sr.KG classes. Each child enjoyed sowing the seeds and learning about it . .

Palkhi Celebrations

Ashadhi Ekadashi was celebrated on Friday 24/7/2015.Children were dressed as Warkaris and participated in the mock Dindi in praise of Lord Vithoba by dancing and singing " vithal vithal Jai Hari vithal " .

Types of model houses (Projects by Sr.KG)

Different types of models of Houses like Igloo , bungalow , tent , house boat , hut ,etc. was put up by Sr.KG children .

Colour Week

Colour week was celebrated in RMD SSDS to celebrate colours,which are so much integral to our lives.Aim of this colour week was to impact the knowledge and recognition of colours to the children.It was held from 2nd Feb-6th Feb.

  • Mon - 2/2/15 - Yellow
  • Tue - 3/2/15 - Red
  • Wed - 4/2/15 - Green
  • Thu - 5/2/15 - Blue
  • Fri - 6/2/15 - Black or white

Each day children and teachers came in a particular colour.Teachers addressed the children about the significance of various colours .It also gave littlle kids an opportunity to speak confidently in the class through object talk.
Children were supposed to get some coloured object as the colour of the day and say atleast five lines on it.

Republic Day

Republic day was celebrated in RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School. It was the day where all pre-primary, primary and secondary school children and staff gathered together at 7.15 am on the school ground to hoist the tricolour. The programme started immediately after the arrival of the honorable chief guest Mr. M. N. Navale Sir. The flag was hoisted followed by the National Anthem. March pass, patriotic song and dances were performed by the students. Everybody enjoyed the show very much.

School Trip

School trips can be some of the memorable events of the school year.Hence we give them opportunities to encounter things ,they only get to read about so that they feel encouraged to explore and learn more about what lies beyond the four walls of the school and home & gain confidence to take on the world. Pre -primary section of RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School were led by their teachers for one day picnic to Chittaranjan Vatika.We travelled by the school bus.We started from school at 9.30 am and reached by 10.00 am. Children enjoyed the slides,swings, rope climbers etc. They had their breakfast & lunch which they carried from home. We moved back to school by 2.00 pm.

Christmas Celebrations




Celebrations are major part of SSDS curriculum.They make the children learn about the diversity of culture in India under one roof.Be it Ganesha festival,national occassion or christmas,all are celebrated with great fare .At RMD SSDS on 23 Dec.Children were welcomed by Santa Claus and his angels in the morning.Those were actually our teachers dressed up as Santa and angel.The classrooms were decorated with X'mas tree.Later Santa claus and his Angel visited all the classrooms to give them blessings.Children danced merrily on the melodious music.Different activities were done in three sections-Mini KG-socks,Jr KG-X'mas tree and Sr.KG-Santa mask.

Sports Day



  • Classrooms are well equipped with excellent furniture and proper lighting.

  • To decorate the classes proper flannel boards are provided to display projects and charts.


The school library is the heart of the school. Library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society. Research studies show that an active school library program makes a significant difference to student learning outcome.

Our library is well equipped with  encyclopedias , reference books story books ,fiction books and different classics.


Students in any emergency visits Smt. Kashibai Navale Hospital, 3 kms away from the school.

Bus Facility

 Bus transport is prompt. Every bus has a staff member plying  by the bus to maintain discipline in the bus.

  • Bus attendants are responsible for the seating arrangement of the students in the bus.
  • Mobile facility is provided for any emergency.
  • Staff members ply by school buses thereby care is taken of Girl’s safety in the bus.
Bus Route information
Sr.No. Bus Route Bus No
1 Chaitanya Nagari (Warje) 1
2  Karve Nagar,Laxmi Road,Godlock Chowk A2
3 Bavdhangaon, DSK Ranwara A3
4 Karvenagar,S.N.D.T A5
5 Green City (Shivane Road) A9
6 Deshmukhwadi (Shivane Road) 3
7 Anand Nagar Sun City 7
8 Narhe ,Dhayri,Nanded City 8
9 Mahatma Society (Kothrud) 10
10 Kondhawe Dhawade Gate (Shivane Road) 11
11 Hingne Home Colony (Warje) 12
12 Giridhar Nagar Atul Nagar (Warje) 13
13 Pashan Susgaon (Bavdhan) 14
14 Anand Nagar, Navashamaruti Mandir, (Sinhgad Road) 17
15 Karvenagar (Venkatesh Heritage) 19
16 Kothrud Depo,Bhusari Colony (Kothrud) 20
17 Katraj, Amit Blum Filled Society 23
18 Chale,Sutarwadi  27
19 N.D.A, Main Gate (Shivane) 28
20 Lavale Phata,   Lavalegaon 30
21 Tirupati Nagar (Warje) 31
22 Kothrud Guruganesh Nagar 32
23 Kothrud Lokmanya Nagar 33
24 Male ,Paud (Pirangut) 34
25 New Ahiregoan, Ganpati Matha (Shivane Road) 35
26 Rihe, Mulkhed (Pirangut) 36
27 Pirangut Grampanchayat 37
28 Warje (Tejovalay,Cipla Foundation) 38
29 Warje (Anand Hospital) 39
30 Kakade City (Warje) 40
31 Shinde Pul (Shivane Road) 41
32 Add Mart, West Coust Park Society, (Shivane Road) 43
33 Dangat Estate (Shivane Road) 44

Contact Us

RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School
S. No. 111/1, Warje,  Pune 411058
(Ph :  020- 25218271/ 72 )
Email : prin.rmdssds@sinhgad.edu


Principal :
Mrs. Smita Savant
( Pre-primary,  Primary & Secondary Section )
Ph : 96577 25089
Email :  prin.rmdssds@sinhgad.edu


Ph : 020 - 25218272
e-mail :  -

Mrs. Smita Savant
Ph :96577 25089
Email : prin.rmdssds@sinhgad.edu

Close academics

The Teaching methodology is through the development of following skills



  • Fixing blocks
  • Stringing beads
  • Clay moulding
  • Paper crumpling
  • Paper tearing and sticking
  • Scribbling
  • Colouring
  • Starch play

JR. KG   :

  • Stringing beads
  • Clay moulding
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Paper tearing
  • Paper crumpling
  • Paper folding
  • Lacing boards
  • Bulletin boards
  • Writing and colouring  within  lines

SR. KG   :

  • Paper folding
  • Paper crumpling / cutting
  • Completing different puzzles
  • Drawing, colouring
  • Painting on Easel board.
  • Clay moulding
  • Writing  within lines




  • Throwing the ball
  • Kicking the ball
  • Hopping
  • Running
  • Walking on a straight line
  • Rhythmic exercises

JR. KG   :

  • Running on tracks
  • Walking on balanced beam
  • Throwing and catching the ball
  • Running
  •  Hopping
  • Rhythmic exercises

SR. KG   :

  • Hopping on one leg
  • Rhythmic exercises
  • Dancing
  • Dodging the ball
  • Running




  • Recognition of shapes
  • Recognition of shapes
  • Matching sizes
  • Seriation – level 1
  • Simple puzzles.

JR. KG   :

  • Seriation ( level 2)
  • Matching and pairing
  • Discriminating odd things.

Sr. KG   :

  • Seriation ( Level 3)
  • Matching and pairing
  • Discriminating odd things
  • Classification
  • Remembering things ( memory game)
  • Imagination by free hand drawing

Close academics


Mini KG   :

  • Phonic sounds of the alphabet
  • Recitation of Rhymes
  • Recognition of capital and small letters
  • Orals and worksheets for the same
  • Scribbling

JR. KG   :

  • Recognition of capital and small letters
  • Reading of blends and 3 letter words
  • Recitation of Rhymes
  • Project related and alphabet related  vocabulary.
  • Patterns writing
  • Writing of Capital and small letters in MR script
  • Writing in four lines
  • English Conversation

SR. KG   :

  • English Conversation
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reading lessons
  • Writing MR script
  • Writing of blends, word and sentences
  • Worksheets on language concepts
  • Recognition  of vowels and consonants.
  • Other concepts like Rhyming Words, Fill in the blanks, Jumbled letters , Crosswords etc.
  • Introduction to Preposition, Articles , Singular/ Plural
  • Concept of Questions and Answers
  • Paragraph writing, Picture talk
  • Object talk , Interactive session



  • Rote – 1 to 50
  • Number recognition 1 – 10
  • Value of numbers 1 to 5
  • Worksheets related to the same.

JR. KG   :

  • Rote 1 – 100
  • Recognition of numbers 
    1 – 100
  • Number values 1 – 10
  • Writing numbers 1 – 10
  • Mathematical  Concepts.


SR. KG   :

  • Rote 1 – 100
  • Recognition and counting 
    1 -100
  • Values of numbers  1- 20
  • Writing numbers  1 – 100
  • Writing number  names 1 – 20
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Numerical concepts like backward numbers , before / after/ between numbers
  • Signs > < = ( greater than, lesser than, equal to)
  • Mental maths ( addition)
  • Worksheets of the same
  • Dodging numbers.
  • Pairing and matching
  • Backward numbers.


Close academics

Sr.No Name Of Teacher Designation Date of Joining Experience of Teaching Educational Qulification Professional Qulification
1 Mrs.Sangeeta Biswas NTT 24.06.2003 16 Years S. Y. BCOM TTC (1 year)
2 Mrs.Medha Gupte NTT 01.06.2004 19 Years B. COM DTL, DPCT    (1 Year)
3 Mrs.Urmila Bhosale NTT 17.06.2012 10 years B. S. C. B. ED, TTC     (1 Year)
4 Mrs.Jain Kiran NTT 07.06.2001 18 Years B.A MTTC(1 Year)
5 Mrs. Swapna Pandav NTT 09.07.2012 8 Years B.Com,DIT P.T.T.C
6 Mrs.Usha Ahir NTT 07.06.2001 18 Years B.Com M.T.T.C
7 Mrs.Deepa Thole NTT 01.06.2005 16 Years B.Com LLB T.T.C  
8 Mrs.Anuja Deshpande NTT 01.06.2004 15 Years B.Sc M.T.T.C
9 Mrs. Suvarna Khandekar NTT 03.06.2003 16 Years B.Com  M.T.T.C
10 Mrs. Manisha Kadam NTT 01.06.2005 15 Years M.Sc T.T.C

Close academics


  • Class tests are conducted on language and number work every  week.
  • Oral evaluation on project / EVS topics is conducted in the last week of every month.
  • Written papers for language and numbers is conducted for term evaluation.
  • Children are also marked for personality development, gross and finer motor development, 
  • cognitive development, working habits etc along with academics in the report card.


  • Every week various types of appreciation badges are given to the children in each class to motivate and
  • appreciate them in their academic performance and class behaviour .

  • Birthday Badge is also given to the children on their birthdays.


  • Project displays are arranged by the teachers on various topics to give first hand experience to the children
  • eg: Plants and Flower show, Vehicles, Food we eat.

  • Children actually learn the process of germination by sowing seeds in the soil, watering daily and
  • observing the seeds developing into a sapling.

  • Certain science experiments are conducted to show simple things like refraction, static electricity floating
  • and sinking of objects, things those are soluble and insoluble in  water , evaporation of water etc.

  • Dramatization is put up by the teachers to explain certain topics like animals, community helpers, food we
  • eat and myself.

  • Children enjoy preparing fruit chat, fruit salad and sandwiches during the project , fruits and vegetables
  • and food we eat.

Close academics

Mini KG.

  • Myself, My School, My Family
  • Animals and Birds
  • Plants and Flowers
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Community Helpers
  • Vehicles

Jr. KG.

  • Animals and Birds around us
  • Rain and water
  • Plants and flowers
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Myself, My family, My house, My school
  • Vehicles
  • Community Helpers

Sr. KG.

  • Community Helpers
  • Myself, My Family, My City
  • Rain and Water
  • Plants and Flowers
  • Vehicles
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Food we eat
  • Animals, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, Aquatic animals