RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School, Warje

Principal Desk

Smita Sawant

“Music and Poetry here do unite Spreading peace , happiness and light”

11th November’11 was the day when a new morning brought with it birth of a new campus in Warje under the banner RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School in the sylvan surroundings and pollution free environment. Nature has always been the epicenter of all the educational programs of Sinhgad Technical Education Society.

Our school believes in the foundation of good character, sound mind and fit body. 2774 young developing, experimenting minds working in harmony and cohesion looking up to me with utmost conviction and belief give me the strength to encompass the mammoth organization develop into a secure cocoon provided by our Founder President Prof.M.N.Navale and Founder Secretary Dr.(Mrs).Sunanda. Navale.

The relentless spirit , tireless effort of my dedicated team of 179 staff working perfect in tandem has raised the bar of RMD Sinhgad Spring Dale School making it reach the pinnacle.

We have worked around the school students to inculcate the habit of healthy body and mind. The academic session saw many triumphs on academic front as well as in the field of sports and co-curricular activities. Our campus provides such a strong base to students in junior classes that they do extremely well in Board Exams. Our children have excelled in Board exams securing above 90%.

In co-curricular activities our students have achieved laurels in various sports and cultural events. All round development is our golden maxim which we try to achieve through a number of activities in school like Quiz, Debate, Scrabble, Elocution, Dance, Music and various Sports activities. Students are encouraged to appear for scholarship exams like Olympiad Hindi Rashtra Bhasha Exam, Government scholarship etc. Our students are being exposed to external exams and are doing admirably well.

The oratory skills of the students were developed through different assemblies and model class presentation.

Our aim at Spring Dale, has always been to give every child the opportunity of a complete education which includes not only academics but co-curricular activities. We feel proud in mentioning that the students actively participated in “Sinhgad Karandak”. Different interschool competitions like dance, debates, street play, fashion show are conducted to show case their hidden talents.

Though we strive towards making the children high achievers, we remain committed to give the world the citizens of tomorrow who are compassionate and caring for a united and peaceful world.

I acknowledge with gratitude the contribution of our honourable Founder President Prof.M.N.Navale and Founder Secretary Dr.(Mrs). Sunanda . Navale for their inspiration and encouragement . I also extend my my heart felt gratitude to my teachers, staff and parents for their valuable contribution.

Mrs. Smita Savant